Goose Spit, in the beautiful Comox Valley

The Monster is CANCER.

This blog is a journal of our–that is, my husband and my–battle with cancer. I think it’s important to share this journey with others because the very sad fact is that most of us–too many of us–have been wounded by this dreadful disease…either in our own bodies or in the body of someone we love.

If you are suffering with the Monster, you are not alone. There are others who feel very much how you feel. I daresay, they know EXACTLY how you feel.

My opinions in this blog are just that…mine. You may disagree, and that’s okay. Mostly, I just blabber away, and I rarely edit what I have written. For me it is cathartic, but it has helped me wade through my sometimes stormy emotions, and so it is like therapy for me.

It is my hope that people just like you will read my blog and feel comforted.

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